It’s Halloween!

The weekend started off crappy with missing the Dia de los Muertos procession downtown. Tyler got home after it started and I was just too tired to even half-ass it. The weekend got a little better though on Sunday when we took the boys to the Pumpkin Patch with Tristan.

We went to Peter Pumpkin Patch at Spring Hill Farm. There were lots of activities, free Hay Rides and live music, all without the hordes of people found at the ones in town.

Then, of course, we did the mandatory Pumpkin Carving. See below. I made the face! Go me 🙂   Tonight it’s off trick or treating.

Pumpkin Carving

Happy Halloween!


Halloween Costumes!!!

Kelly Panacci Mat PadGot some Halloween running around done today. While we were at Michael’s this morning we found a cute little Halloween themed Mat Pad (see right) for $1.99. Been seeing a lot of craft paper chains in Pinterest lately and decided it would be a super fun project for Will Haven. Worked out pretty well I think, he sure loves playing with glue sticks!

Here is our finished product which now resides over our front door. (sticky fingers not shown.)

Paper Chain Making

So, I got lazy with Helo’s costume, but only because WH decided that he wanted his baby brother to be a pumpkin and he saw a Pumpkin costume on an outing to Costco last week, so it was decided and we bought it. The end.

On the bright side, one down, only one to go. While I absolutely LOVE making these guys costumes, I’ll admit that I tend to get overwhelmed with all the things I have to do and how little time I have in which to do it!

So, that brings us to WH’s costume… Can you guess what it’s going to be?? Hint: It’s not a cow.

Cow Print

For me, we’ll see what I can scrape together at the last minute, as usual. I bought some face paint on my lunch break today. I’m think a mime…..or maybe I’ll just do sugar skull makeup. Speaking of which….I wonder who all is going to the Petaluma Dia de los Muertos event this weekend. Lots of fun is sure to be had!

Houston we have baby boots

After a fruitless attempt to find some cool toddler boots for Will Haven’s Halloween costum/general wardrobe, I finally decided to make some boot covers to go over his Vans. Here are the results.

I did a lot of guessing and a fair amount of tweaking to get them to look the way I wanted, but I think they turned out decent for my first, and likely final attempt.

To complete the costume, I also made a robe, leather belt and bracers, and scored a double ended light saber, a la Darth Maul, to give us “Darth Haven”.  I’ll post a pic of the complete costume after the Halloween festivities subside.