A little overdue

Oh the holidays are over… **sigh** It was fun, though. It was crazy and I had a blast gift knitting like mad and trying new recipes. I don’t have much to say about at this point, just a few images to share.

I’m looking forward to the new year and the new adventures to be had as my boys get older.

Happy new year y’all.





Food for Tots


….and sometimes they stop screaming long enough for me to make a REAL breakfast. No cereal and yogurt for us today! I’m sure it will all be downhill from here (food everywhere, dishes, screaming, dirty diapers, etc) but at least we are off to a good start for once.

Houston we have baby boots

After a fruitless attempt to find some cool toddler boots for Will Haven’s Halloween costum/general wardrobe, I finally decided to make some boot covers to go over his Vans. Here are the results.

I did a lot of guessing and a fair amount of tweaking to get them to look the way I wanted, but I think they turned out decent for my first, and likely final attempt.

To complete the costume, I also made a robe, leather belt and bracers, and scored a double ended light saber, a la Darth Maul, to give us “Darth Haven”.  I’ll post a pic of the complete costume after the Halloween festivities subside.

Anna & Natalya

Anna Karenina

Vivien Leigh as Anna Karenina

Got to watching Anna Karenina last night as I got started on my Natalya gloves. I’d like to read the novel sometime, but as it stands, I can’t even remember the last time I finished reading any book.

So…I’ve decided to make these gloves considering the insanely low temperatures in the building where I work. Space heater works great for my legs, but doesn’t do much for my little arms!
Pattern is here: Natalya Gauntlets


Natalya Gauntlets