Vintage Frames

I could spend forever browsing through vintage eyeglasses frames. Seriously.  Now, I know that they’re not always entirely practical, but a girl can browse right? In the not so very near future, when I’m loaded, I can see myself with a nice collection! 🙂

Here are a few super cute samples I found listed in ETSY. Oh, how I ❤ ETSY.

Vintage Frames

Vintage Frames

I’m currently in the market to replace my current frames, which I unfortunately don’t love. Not to mention, I ruined the coating on them so now they’re not so perfect.

I’ve been oggling these guys for a while now. I even requested a quote from my eye doc yesterday!! I’ll keep you updated 🙂

Ray Ban Cateyes

Ray Ban Cateyes

How cute are these? LOVE the purple. Whatcha think?


2 responses to “Vintage Frames

    • Hahaha. It’s horrible isn’t it? You just can’t stop hitting the ‘next’ button because you know how many more super cute frames you’re going to find on the next page!! And how about there are no optometrists in the area who stock those frames. I really wanted to see them in person first…so lame.

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