I’m Back

After a rather lengthy hiatus from most anything more productive than….well, showering, I’m back and revved up for the holidays! I’m kicking it back into gear and planning to emerge from the fog that clouds my baby brain.

Helo’s 3 months now and only waking up once or twice a night. That said, I’m beginning to function on a slightly higher level again and am trying to motivate myself to exercise a vocabulary that includes words above and beyond the usual ‘no’ and ‘stop that’ and ‘don’t hit him.’

I’ve also picked back up a few projects that I let fall wayside while I was miserably pregnant. I’ve nearly finished a couple of them already and making good headway on the others. See my progress!!

ElefanteFingerless GlovesCowlHoodieHelo's BlankieLace Scarf
















I’m excited to get caught up so I can get started on Helo’s crib bedding before he grows out of his cradle! Here’s a preview.



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