Kaylee's Fluffy Dress

Kaylee in all her Glory

And here she is…..

Finished the first disc of Firefly last night. I had always wanted to watch the whole series since I missed most of it on TV. It’s really awesome so far…the whole wild-west-esque space frontier and the ‘space cowboys’ who make their living pulling train heists and smuggling goods…well, it’s all so cleverly done! The blend of asian influence, wild-west culture and space travel make for a very interesting show.

Tyler and I really enjoyed the last episode on disc one (see picture) where Kaylee and the captain get all dolled up to attend a ball in order to meet a contact for a job. Kaylee shows up this hideously awesome pink ruffly dress, but it’s completely overshadowed by the look of complete awe and enchantment on her face. It was so adorable! And then she goes on the win over all the guys in the room with her limitless knowledge of all things that are metal and fly through space! Go Kaylee!


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